The Process

Unique Sales Renewal process to generate ongoing sales for you:

  1. Design: we begin as your Sales Architects and create a blue print for a comprehensive, custom “Sales Machine” specific to your business.
  2. Build: we switch roles and, as your General Contractor, we build the “Sales Machine” we designed together.
  3. Manage: we switch roles again and become your outsourced sales and marketing team. Over the next year, we earn commissions as we use the “Sales Machine” we’ve built to create on and/or off line sales.

For one of our clients we increased one client’s revenue 233% in only 17 months.

We earn commissions only when we sell for you
A crucial difference between The Business Doctors and traditional Sales and Marketing Outsourcing Companies is that they are paid a fixed amount that depends on how much work they do, not how effective they are. The Business Doctors, on the other hand, is more akin to having a commission-based sales force: . So we only do well when you do well.
In fact, our unique pay-for-performance model completely focuses us on what works. Unlike the other guys who might run up their hours, take their money and leave after the project is done, The Business Doctors Design & Build steps are fixed price and over the course of the next year, we will use the Sales Machine we have built to generate all of our profits. Because of this, you can be assured that we will build what we will need to sell. For The Business Doctors, nothing matters except selling effectively. For you.