Maintenance Contract Consolidation

Our service allows the client to consolidate numerous maintenance contracts into one single contract. The advantages include: direct cost savings, no abuse or neglect usage clauses, single point of contact for issues, single expiration date, ease of traceability, and client can retain existing preferred service providers.

The maintenance contract process is designed to create a unique program that allows the client to consolidate all of their electronic maintenance needs under a single contract that saves them time, money, and hassle.

This program allows the client to keep preferred vendors that they are already using, maintain a single contract with a single point of contact and a single expiration date for everything covered.  It also maintains a clause which doesn’t penalize the client for excessive use and abuse of the equipment.  The way that the company saves money is that even though we charge a flat annual fee on the front end, we do a time and materials for repair on the back end.