Manufacturing Tax Credits

We represent a group of Tax Attorneys and Process Engineers that are working with manufacturers and machine shops to assist them with a special government sponsored tax credit program related to manufacturing.  The government recently allocated $12B worth of annual tax credits to spur innovation in manufacturing as part of an overall economic stimulus package.

So far, few companies have been taking advantage of these special incentives because they may not understand whether they qualify, what the process involved is, or they simply may not be aware that these new incentives exist. Our purpose is to assist companies with the qualification process in order to take advantage of these special credits.
If your company is involved in any of the following activities, you may be able to claim the tax credit:

  • Manufacture products
  • Developing new, improved, or more reliable products / processes / formulas
  • Developing prototypes or models (including computer generated models)
  • Designing tools, jigs, molds, and dies
  • Developing or apply for patents
  • Certification testing
  • Applying for patents
  • Testing new concepts
  • Development of new technology
  • Trying new materials
  • Adding new equipment
  • Environmental testing
  • Developing or improving production / manufacturing processes
  • Developing, implementing or upgrading systems and / or software
  • Developing production control software
  • Improving or building new manufacturing facilities
  • Automate internal processes
  • Paying outside consultants / contractors to do any of the above stated activities