Sellers Program

8 out of 10 businesses that are listed by a broker never sell.  We with our partners at Better Business Brokers have developed this program to address this issue head on.  With our true “pay for performance” consulting services, we come in and evaluate your business from top down and quickly identify ways to save your business money.  We then analyze your sales activities, your strategy and put together a blueprint to rapidly adjust your strategy and improve your sales revenues.  We do all of this on a pay for performance basis.  In other words, we don’t charge you anything upfront.  We get paid off of commissions we earn on sales above and beyond your current levels.

We will ask you to adjust your marketing spend and bring it all under one roof.  More times than not this will be equal or less than what you are currently spending on various sales and marketing activities.  Occasionally a strategy will be recommended to increase your spend if it makes for intelligent strategy.

To see a powerpoint presentation of our program please click  here