About Us

We are a full service “Money Back Guarantee” consulting firm unlike any other firm in the country. We have consultants who have tremendous experience in various industries as well as consultants who are experts in various functions of a business.

There are over 400,000 “consultants” in this country. MBA programs are granting 156,000 degrees each year. S.C.O.R.E (Service Corps of Retired Executives) which has over 13,000 mentors who offer free advice to business owners. The SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) are spread out through 63 networks with over 900 delivery points in almost every city providing free advice to small business owners every hour of every day and yet with all of these resources, businesses are still failing at a rate of 50% in less than 4 years of existence.


Top Reasons Business Fail

We as business owners often get myopic in the way we think. We have our blinders on. We also deal with a serious case of unconscious incompetence (we don’t know what we don’t know).

Consultants are supposed to recognize this and help you work through this in order to give you and your business the best chance for success. Considering all the resources available to business owners as discussed earlier, why is business failure the epidemic that it is?

The answer is two-fold. The consultancy is not reaching enough of these businesses and if it is, these businesses are not getting the adequate help they truly need.

Let’s face it. If these businesses were getting the proper help they needed, there is no way that we would as a country be seeing these failure rates.

We see business as someone has a problem and you as a business owner deliver a solution to that person through the sale of goods or services. That’s exactly what we found with businesses today. We found that businesses often need sound guidance but either did not have access to it or have received help in the past that was largely insufficient.

Often times businesses that need the help feel that it’s either too expensive or non-existent and we feel we have solved both of these problems.

More times than not, businesses have more than one area of their business that needs attention. The reality is that most consultants are maybe strong in one, maybe two areas of a business but their expertise is limited by the experience of the consultant which is often very limited. So what ends up happening is that these large consultancy firms charge ridiculous fees for someone who simply cannot address the various often complex issues of a business leaving the business to fall victim to inadequate consultancy.

We’ve solved this in two very distinct ways. We have assembled some of the top business minds in the world who are niche specific and have many years of experience working with businesses within a specific industry. We have also gathered some of the best brain trust in the country who have incredible experience within various functions of a business such as accounting, social media, website design, human resources and sales and marketing. By doing this, we can identify through our proprietary process exactly where the business needs help and deliver a comprehensive solution by tapping into as many of these resources necessary for each business instead of a one size fits all solution offered by virtually every other consulting firm.

The other issue is that most businesses feel that the best help is probably out of reach financially so they never seek the help in the first place. We hear you and have come up with a solution that enables you to engage our firm knowing that we guarantee to make or find you as much for your business as our services cost or we refund our fees no questions asked. That’s right. We are so confident in the team we’ve compiled that we can offer this solution.

So take the time to turn your business around and give us a call. Whatever your exit strategy is whether it is to sell your business or hand it off to a family member, we can help.