• Confidence

    We are a full service true “Pay for Performance” consulting firm unlike any other firm in the country. There is “no initial capital” needed to engage our services.  We make money off of the savings and sales we achieve for your company.

  • Choices

    There are over 400,000 “consultants” in this country. MBA programs are granting 156,000 degrees each year. S.C.O.R.E (Service Corps of Retired Executives) which has over 13,000 mentors who offer free advice to business owners.

  • Resources

    The SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) are spread out through 63 networks with over 900 delivery points in almost every city providing free advice to small business owners every hour of every day.

  • But Yet…

    Businesses are still failing at a rate of 50% in less than 4 years of existence. Hire our firm to avoid becoming one of those statistics.

    But Yet…



The Top Reasons Businesses Fail
There are many reasons why businesses fail and often times it is the owner or management who contribute to the demise of the business. Many times the business is doomed before it even begins. Here are the top 12 reasons why they fail.
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Business Case For Business Consulting
Business Consulting has been around as long as businesses have been around. We have compiled a very compelling case for business consulting. That said, there is a big difference between consulting and superior consulting.
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Management Team
Experience is at the core of our value. You cannot replace experience with enthusiasm or a sales pitch. That is why working our organization you can feel rest assured that our experience will take your company to the next level.
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Sellers Program
Our accelerated business sellers program is designed to quickly improve the value of your business by providing our “pay for performance” consulting services.  Here we will identify where we can save you money and implement a sales program to increase your sales.
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My business was struggling and not only causing stress for the business but my personal relationships were suffering as well. I knew I wanted to sell my business but also knew it needed to be optimized first. I turned to The Business Doctors and within 2 months my business saw a complete shift and valuation increase of 56%. Thanks so much.–John W.

I've used consultants before to no avail. So I was reluctant to use another consulting firm. It wasn't until I found out The Business Doctors had a “Pay for Performance” business model that I decided I had nothing to lose. I'm glad I chose to work with them. My business grew 127% within 3 months of working with them and we continue to trend upwards. Thanks so much to the team over at The Business Doctors. You have been a business life saver.–Leonard M.

If you're considering getting help for your business, you'd be foolish not to work with The Business Doctors. They have the depth of experience that is not usually found even in some of your larger consulting firms. Thanks so much for your tireless work in improving our business.–Connie Z.